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Phoenix Engine.NET, my first rpg engine

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First thing you should fix your link since it's get more people to look at it since I know I won't since I'm to lazy to cut and paste.
Ok I got to check it out now and it look pretty cool so far.
You might want to put some more info on your blogger on the top or somewhere what exactly you engine is and what it's purpose is?

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Looks pretty cool, just make sure there are no ripped graphics or sounds in it. (I'm not actually sure if there are but I know how often these things do).

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Looks pretty good for a first attempt. My first graphical games were RPGs as well, and I'm also soon beginning a new engine for .net and XNA.

What libraries are you using? XNA, MDX, System.Drawing, GDI+? something else? What are the primary features you are shooting for?

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I am using SDL.NET for graphics and DotNetMagic for window controls.

This some few things that i want to accomplish

Online Game
• Networking (Data Transfer)
• Chatting
Map Editor
• 3 Layers + 1 Event Layer
• Single Tile-set per map
• Flood-Filling
• Map Eraser
• Map Pen
• Map Test play
• Control Map Size(width, height)
• Setup Player Starting Position
• Add Events through Dialog window
• Tile Trailing
• Undo Chunks
Tile-Set Editor
• Changeable Property:
o Walkable/Unwalkable
o Priority
o Passable-direction (N,S,EW)
o Bush
o Tileset Name Identifier
Script Editor
• Save/Load Scripts
• Name Script data
• Test Play
• Debugger
NPC Editor
• Name
• Position (x, y)
• Event Editor
o Call Script
o Game Variables
o Commands
 Set Message FaceSet
 Display Text, Change Text Option
 Delay
 End Event
 Comment
 Edit Game Variables
 Play Sound
 Change Map
 Change Event Location
 Scroll Map, Zoom Map
 Play Animation
 Display, Move, Rotate, and Erase Picture
 Change Character Stat
 Call Battle, Title Screen, Menu, and GameOver
 Change Self Transparent
 Change Party Member
 Change Game Objects
• NPC Graphics
• Movement style (none, random, custom, pathfinding)
• Graphic Type (Animated/Non-Animated)
• Layer Property ( Land, Sea/Water, Air/Sky)
• Trigger (Touch, AutoStart, ButtonPress(choose key), NPCTouch)
• NPC Speed (Slow, Medium, Faster, Fastest)
• Event Condition (Check Game Variable)
Character Editor
• Change Information
• Character reflect on object ( shadow)
Scripting Option
• Change Scripting Languages
• Game Class Viewer
o Detail description of each class
o Detail description of method in all classes
o Class Signatures
• Add new component to engine
• FaceSet Editor
• Menu Editor
• Bitmap
o Wave Effect
o Masking
o Pixilated
• Audio Options
Battle System Editor
• Sprite Organizer
• Battle Key Setting
• Menu Designer
• Battle Algorithm
• Battle System Option
o Set Default Battle System
o Chose Custom Battle System
Game Key Editor
• Select Input Type (Keyboard/Mouse, Joystick)
• Edit Controls
Game-Play Editor
• Edit Window Width/Height
• Edit Frame-Rate

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