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Approach to 3d collision detection and response

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Hello everyone :). I am working on a 3D game and I have approached the point where I need to start working on collisions. This is my very first 3D game and I am creating it in XNA. I have a scene graph and level geometry renders decently using a BSP tree: It will have a third person camera and a controllable character. My thought was to encase the character in a bounding sphere and generate bounding boxes for each wall and obstacle. Then if a bounding box intersects I would do a more detailed collision technique. Is this overkill? I could just project a ray and test for ray plane intersection. I have never done these things so can anyone with experience inform me of the pitfalls to either approach? Detecting a collision doesn't have me too concerned, but what I am very concerned about is collision response. When my character hits a wall, I want him to slide along it. I know that I would need to alter the velocity vector by the direction of the wall, however I am not sure how to calculate this direction. Anyway any help would be great :). Don't think that I am not researching things on my own, I just want some general advice from people who have done this type of thing before ;). Thanks.

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