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Linux OpenAL pitch+loop

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has managed to get linux OpenAL working reliably with both looping and non-looping samples while adjusting pitch? I first downloaded the latest OpenAL source from, compiled, and everything was fine until I tried changing pitch of a looping sample (vehicle engine sound). Every time the sound repeated, there was a loud click. After googling for a while I found that this is a known issue with OpenAL linux implementation. I found a patch: It seemed to fix the loop-click problem. Now the problem is that if I change the pitch on any non-looping sample, the application starts randomly crashing. Debugger shows that the segfault occurs somewhere in openal's al_filter.c (pitch filter). Any help would be appreciated, since I really need to be able to alter the pitch of both looping and non-looping samples..

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