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Nowhere Else and Beyond

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Here a shameless plug... Just to let you guys know about a COMPLETELY free browser based 2d game that i help to admin. Nowhere Else and Beyond is browser based, so that means NO downloads. It can be played on practically ANY computer. It has been running for nearly for nearly 2 years, has 80,000 lines of code and one very committed developer. Developed in-house with PHP, javascript and an optional Java engine. In development at the moment is an OPITIONAL client to allow for a faster bigger map :D It is quite simply a unique game. It has a walkable world map without the need for a refresh on every move (we have all played those type of games and they are annoying). It still has a small and friendly community and some pretty special features (can't remember them all: * No downloads needed, so it can be played on school computers! * Fully walkable 2d map * Ability to create your OWN island that players can visit * PvP both offline and online * A developed class system * Ability to create your own dungeons * Ability to create your own weapons and armours * Over 260 active quests * Over 30 pets to help you combat, from the lowliest frog to the almighty Falak * A player controlled newspaper with weekly releases That is all that comes to mind ATM but there is much, much more. The ethos of the game is to allow the PLAYERS a hand in making the game. For you budding PHP programmers, artists we also encourage you to come and join the team!! If you like the look of the game and want to develop your own mini-nowhere else and beyond we do also sell the game engine at a competitive price. Hope to see you soon(when you get there tell them Croesy sent you and you are sure of a warm welcome) biggrin.gif Replies and feedback to this thread will be answered ASAP EDIT: Forgot to add the link

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