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Any Help On this..? How to replace Headers/libs & add new ones??

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Hello, I have a project already built using VS.Net 2003, I need to build its installer after replacing existing headers & add new ones. I already moved the folders of these Include, Lib, bin & reference folders inside the project main folder & then i added their new paths through: Tools -- Options -- Projects -- VC++ Directories.. Then I built each part separately.. in order specified in project.. I got some warnings about dependencies .. that i ignored .. Then generated the installer file. Now: when i installed the "New Version", I got the same dll files that i had before adding the header files..!!! Anyone can help me & tell me what to do.. to replace existing files or add new files.. Thanks in Advance...

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Not sure your question is very clear, but this is an obvious problem.

Original post by zanobia
I got some warnings about dependencies .. that i ignored ..

Can you explain a bit more about what you have, or what you are trying to achieve.

Sounds like you tried to do too much in one go !

Adding headers and moving folders, take one step at a time.

And just a question, you mention, include/lib/bin & reference folders ...
Are these project folders, or are you trying to move an SDK ??

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Sorry to be late.. i was out for training..

Actually, i have a module that is using an engine of recognition..
im new in VS .Net .. I dont know how to enhance the existing module (that is built using VS.Net2003) by getting the latest version of the SDK engine..
I installed the SDK kit & dont know how to include its lib/headers to the existing module & re-build it to generate new installer..

I tried to includ these new header files & references just by adding them through Tools--Options--Projects --etc but the new generated installed was still keeping the old headers & bin file..(i checked sizes of files)

Hope it became more clear now

Thank alot for ur reply...


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