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True Color Info,

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You should look into VBE 1.2 or 2.0

It gives you access to all the directcolor video modes available on your video card and has a DOS interface (thru int 10h). (although VBE 2.0 doesn't find 320x240x16 on my card, but DX finds it. hmmm...)

the really shitty part is that you need to deal with DPMI services to screw around with DOS memory (in the first 640k.. heh).

it offers LFB though, just like good ol mode 13h!

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Okay, I have been looking for information about programming in true color in DOS ( i love programming in DOS for some reason), but i have found very little. Does anybody out there know of any good sites that have this information. I looked in the programming section here at gamedev but did not find anything except AlphaBlending...
Well if anyone could help I would appreciate it..Thanx

E-mail with questions, comments, and retorts.

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Okay I know how to set video, and create pixels, and the whole BGR thing i got down, I just want more information on it, a few more examples on coding techniques in True Color..things i may not have thought of doing..which gos back to my original question does anybody know of any sites where i can find true color info..if anybody can answer that question i would appreciate it...

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