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[java] server/client synchronisation

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Hi, Before i was trying to make a single player game. Now i want to implement some multiplayer functions, to learn how it works. So now my problem is that i have a map on the server which contains several map areas, they are saved in a textfile as a 2D array. I thought about having a value that contains the version of the maparea. Each time something change,I will update the maparea version in the textfile. For updating the client, when the player arrives at a new maparea, I will check the version and if necessary send the 2D array to the client. The client will then save it in a local textfile together with the server version. My question: is this the right thing to do? Can I send the map to the client as my maparea object or will this take to much bandwidth? Is it better to let my client ask the server if an update is needed or let the server send a request to the client? Normally the map won't update very often. It's just the underground so it won't chance to often. But grass can become desert or something like that. Thx

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