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New game testing and design services for game developers!

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Hi everybody! I would like to announce the public release of our new site: We offer a comprehensive list of services to indie game developers. Here is a quick info from our Services page: *Game Testing Service We provide independent game developers with professional and reliable compatibility and performance testing and quality assurance. *Web Design We specialize in creating gaming sites (casual gamer friendly), freelancer home pages and corporate B2C and B2B websites. We use the most reliable web technologies to create clean, easily manageable sites. *Game Interface Design We can create a GUI that will fully fit your game style. We'll take into account the specifics and limitations of your GUI system. GUI elements can have a complex structure when needed and be tileable or scalable. *Game Level Design Level design is very important for game's success, especially for logic puzzle games. We can create a full set of fun and elegant levels for your game, taking into account gameplay balance and learning curve, along with tips and tutorials. Good levels take time to create, so if you want to speed up your game development or don't have enough time to make quality levels, don't let bad level design ruin your game - contact us! We've just launched, and I'm looking forward to any suggestions and ideas! Feedback is welcome! :) [Edited by - LanceSB on April 6, 2007 5:18:17 AM]

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