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OpenGL Extentions

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Hi, I just wanted to make sure that the way I understand the OpenGL API is correct. As I understand it, OpenGL is an API that provides accesability to 3D accelerated hardware. The OpenGL API uses the header gl.h in C++ and provides many functions, and there are also other libarys close to OpenGL like the OpenGL Utilities Libaray. Presuming that what I said there was mostly if not all correct, then comes the extentions. In my mind these are just basically add ons to the standard OpenGL libaray version. From what I have heard, some extenions get added to the OpenGL Libaray as new versions come out, but for the rest of the extentions they can be included in code through the use of other header files. Then the extensions provide more functions that can be used, such as the windows extention for win32 to Opengl for the function wglCreateContext();. Thanks!

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