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Physics Engine - Collision mesh

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Hello, I'm making a 3D application, using DirectX and Tokamak Physics. Now i have a little problem with collision : Tokamak seems to take only bounding box/sphere/cylinder and not any collision mesh (except for terrain mesh). Now i have to use real collision mesh, cause my 3D objects are not basics primitives, and i wonder if tokamak was a good choice... i think no... So, could you tell me if you know another physics engine, free for commercial use, which use collision mesh? Thanks you, FB

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You trying to do a more detailed collision detection on a mesh?

You can try just using sphere/box/polygon/point on each triangle or quad that makes up a mesh.

Sphere to polygon/triangle is nice for camera collision of world and other mesh objects as well as projectiles.

Point to Sphere.
Point to Polygon/Triangle.
Ray/Line Intersection.

If you do yourself a point/sphere based volume could be used, you basically convert the known physical polygon into a series of individual point/collision sphere with a defined number and size.

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