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folder-clearing utility programmed in C#. Can't run off a network drive.

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Hey guys. I finally got around to learning some C# (and I totally LOVE it! It's so much easier than C++, even though I'm learning as I go!) and made a utility that deletes all files/subdirectories in the "Local Settings/Temp" folder for every Windows XP user on a given machine. It works great. For my first professional program (trivial as it may be), I'm really happy with it. If someone wants to critique my code or test out the program, then let me know; I'd love the input... but that's off topic. Anyway, here's the problem I'm running into; I have a folder FULL of useful tools (including the program I made) on a mapped Novell drive. This way I can just hop onto someone's workstation, log into my account, jump into my mapped drive and start running tools. For this particular program, however, when it runs, I get a Security Policy error. My suspicion is that the program is unwittingly trying to run on the server, as opposed to the workstation that I'm working from. It works fine once I copy the file to the local desktop and run it. How would I get this program to know that it needs to be clearing folders on the local computer (the one I'm running it from)? Thanks for any help in advance, guys. -Brian

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