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[web] Directory Modification Access Denied

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Using: ASP.Net 1.0 with, VS 2003, IIS Goal: Change the name of a directory on a given file server (i.e. create a new folder with the new name and copy the contents over) Problem: When executing this function I receive an access denied exception message. I've tried messing with permissions through IIS for the folder (via the New Task option as well as properties of the said folder). I've tried changing security of the folder on the physical drive itself. Nothing seems to work. One odd thing, every file/folder in my Inetpub directory has read only enabled and for some reason this cannot be disabled. Related? Exact exception message: 'Access to the path '\mydocs\main\FIN\CONTMOD' is denied.' -- this is given after attempting to use MoveTo from the old folder (\mydocs\main\FIN\CONTMOD) to the new folder (\mydocs\main\FIN\CONTMOX, etc).

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