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Streambuf issues again

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Ok, so i've been playing with streambufs to get some extra functionality out of a standard IOstream. And i got it working, sorta. But I ran into a major snag. The iostream works great if I use << and >> operators, but it doesn't work with read() and write() member functions. I overloaded underflow(), overflow(), and uflow() on my streambuf, but if I call read()/write() it doesnt even reach my functions, but it does with << and >>. Now, I need the read and write to work for a few things, so any pointers on what might be wrong? (i can post code if needed, but my guess is im just missing a function overload somewhere, kinda like when i wanted to get seekg/seekp to work, and had to overload some default-disabled members of streambuf objects) --edit: Whoops... this prolly goes in general programming. Sorry.

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