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April 2007 SDK Download Available

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April 2007 SDK now available at Microsoft's Download section. I posted a few minutes ago and then the page disappeared so I deleted the post .. didn't want to get your hopes up but I am downloading it now so looks good :D Here's the details on whats in the new version:
What's New in the April 2007 DirectX SDK This version of the DirectX SDK contains the following new features, tools, and documentation. Improvements to the XACT User Interface This release includes several new features, which include new property pages, a Programmer's Report, and improved audition monitoring. The property pages can now be undocked from the main XACT window. The most frequently edited properties can now be adjusted with a single mouse click. In addition, the property controls have an updated look and feel that provides a more visually intuitive interface. As part of the build process, XACT can now generate a Programmer's Report. This report provides details about the cues, sounds banks, variables, and other information that is useful to the programmer when playing back XACT content. You can generate the report in both plain text format and tab-delimited format. Sound designers can now track resource usage, audio output levels, and activity in the XACT engine, from within the authoring tool itself. Projects that use runtime parameter controls (RPCs) can now be merged. Improvements to PIX This releases adds diagnostic logging and customizable pane layouts. If a program exits unexpectedly while PIX is performing a capture of the program, PIX will now report that there was a problem and offer to run the experiment again in diagnostic logging mode. In this mode, PIX will create a log of all function calls and all debug output generated by Direct3D and the target program. This log file will help identify what the target program was doing when the crash occurred. There is also a new option to pause execution as soon as the target program starts, to allow time to attach a debugger and more easily track down what is going wrong. PIX now supports three user-definable custom pane layouts when viewing a run file. This allows users to define and quickly switch between three different arrangements of the various views of the run file. Updated Shader Compiler This release includes a new shader compiler that provides many optimizations and bug fixes for HLSL and Effect compilation. This updated version is available for shader models 2.x and 3.x using either FXC.exe or D3DX9_33.dll. For shader model 4.0, developers can use either FXC.exe or one of the new functions D3DX10CompileFromFile, D3DX10CompileFromResource, and D3DX10CompileFromMemory (contained in D3DX10_33.dll). Effect Pools Sample One of the downsides to using multiple effects in a single application is that many effect variables need to be set for each effect. Frequently, many of these variables are common between effects. Without a method for sharing variables or shaders between effects, many redundant state-setting calls will need to be made for each effect. Effect pools are meant to solve this problem. This sample demonstrates the use of effect pools on Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 10.

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