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can Somebody please help me with this Intersected Triangle

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hey there, well the problem is that when I go to render the Vertex buffer that I put the selected Triangle returned from the D3DXIntersect function using the face member. It makes the triangle but its not in the same location that I clicked when it gets rendered. I apply the world transform for the sphere and it renders ok but the dam triange is in its own position and it's not the right size. What could be wrong is it that I need to normalize it or something. here is the code I use to fill the VB with the triangle data.
vThisTri = &v[iIntersection * 3];
iThisTri = &pIndices[3* pIntersection->dwFace];
// get vertices hit this should be the triangle
vThisTri[0] = pVertices[iThisTri[0]];
vThisTri[1] = pVertices[iThisTri[1]];
vThisTri[2] = pVertices[iThisTri[2]];

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