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Is there source code provided for new program to learn?

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Yeah and we would be much more willing to help if you spent some more time asking.

Help us out by telling us what KIND of source code you want. What language? What purpose?

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Original post by narute
I'd like to learn about 3d rpg game programming.
VC++ or .Net language is prefer.

thanks so much :)

For new programmers, and I assume you are, using source code is a very bad thing to use as a learning measure. Most often beginner programmers will take source code and copy/paste blindly without ever caring as to what they are doing. Sure, it is fine to look at it but you have to be able to understand what is going on. 3D programming is no trivial task at first, it would be best to learn the language you are interested in, be it C++ (which is another bad choice, but I'll leave it at that) or C#/VB.Net, or Python, and then move slowly to making small games, and then make way to learn about 3D.

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