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Learning C++

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you need to learn 1d (text) games before you can move onto 3d. Programming is harder than you think. If you didn't know how to swim would you jump into a stormy ocean to learn how to swim? You wouldn't learn anything.

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Advice: You really should learn to walk before you try to run a marathon.

Anyway, you can find some OpenGL tutorials at (These are not C++ tutorials even though they use C++)

You can also google for
C++ Direct3D tutorials
C++ OpenGL tutorials

Just note that most OpenGL or D3D tutorials will assume that you have a solid programming background and know the language they use.

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No single tutorial will give you that.

C++ is an extremely complex language, and unless you're already an experienced programmer in some other language(s) then you'll need several months hard work before you can make anything even remotely complex in it, and at least a couple of years more before you actually know how to use it properly.

Game programming is a very broad field. If you pick things up quickly, then you can probably begin creating small, fun, 2D games in a few months (on top of the several months at the beginning to learn C++; the two aren't independent though, there's no particular problem with learning C++ by attempting tiny game-like projects and gradually building them up till you're making "complete" games). You could continue building up and learning about all the various things that make up game programming for as long as you're interested in it.

3D game programming is, again, a broad field. Having said that, once you reach the stage of having written complete and non-buggy 2D games, the step up to simple 3D games isn't so big. Give it another couple of months to make something really simple - a good understanding of vector mathematics will help you a lot here. To deal with non-trivial 3D worlds though, you'll either have to be a mathematical and programming genius, or patient enough to spend a couple of years learning enough to program all the relevant things yourself, or (and this is really the best option) wise enough to research the various freely available libraries that are floating around and pick a combination that will reduce the amount of work you have to do to the maximum extent possible.

The time spans I've given depend, of course, on the speed with which you can understand and learn things and how much free time you have to spend learning. So as always, your mileage may vary.

So in summary - as I said at the beginning, no single tutorial will teach you enough "3D C++ Game Programming" to be useful, but maybe if you read a few hundred good ones then you'll manage it.

Good luck.

John B

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