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D3D + multi monitor support (minimize problem)

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I have a problem running a fullscreen D3D app on a secondary monitor. When you try to use another app on the first monitor, even just a standard Windows app like notepad or even just clicking the mouse on the desktop will cause the D3D application to minimize to the taskbar. Running the D3D app in windowed mode the size of the screen is the only way I can seem to keep it maximized and topmost on the second monitor and allow the user to access other applications at the same time. But this is really a "fake" fullscreen mode, not exclusive. I would like exclusive access to the hardware and remain maximized but be able to give focus on the other screen for non-DX applications. The strange thing is, when using vrm9 to play video in the D3D application you can work on the second monitor without it minimizing! What trick is going on to allow this to happen I wonder. At least seeing it work, gives me the hope that it's possible to do programmatically. Currently I'm trapping SC_MINIMIZE in WndProc but it only works in Windowed mode. The message is not even recieved by the window when it minimizes by clicking the other screen while running in fullscreen. It seems DirectX has some low level control over minimizing the window.

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