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FreeUniverse Public Beta 1

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Jeremy aka phr00t (project author) is allowing me to post this to show the rest of the gamedev community. This project hasn't really been worked on recently, but it is already playable and 'kind of' fun IMO. It is written in the DigitalMars D language. What is it and how to play is here: Project Wiki Download for Windows users here (linux users, compile it yourself from source :-P ). Source code included. Download link (9.38 MB) Tested on Windows XP, it should work fine on linux too. The purpose of this post is to let others in the gamedev community know about this project (I bet not a lot of people have played it), and maybe generate some more interest in it from other developers. Have fun! I'm really busy now, but if there are any problems, I will try to respond/fix (within the next 24-48 hours though). ~ Clay

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