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C++ Workshop group B

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I am fairly new to cpp, and well never had a lot of influence to learn it. Since I am living in the gaming capitol per say i figured why not attempt again. I just recently picked up cpp primer 4th edition, and began realizing this book is the real deal. I looked into Jwalsch's acclaimed C++ workshop, and realized it has almost died down. I as a student of cpp was wondering if anybody would want to join me on my quest of the standard library, and possibly get a group of our own to learn the language. We can possibly give extra exercises to anywhere to work on projects together. Moreover, maybe even a tutor may hop aboard, and just help from time to time on a a given question and/or solution. For the record I am completely devoted, and hope to find others who share my same passion. Marc

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Hi Marc

I'm programming in c/c++ for over 8 years now, I know a whole lot of open source libs (mainly graphics) and I think, I'm fairly good at programming on and for Debian GNU/Linux.
But, since I'm a devoted Linux-only user, I have absolutely no competence in using and writing programs for Windows.

So, what I can offer:

-Help with c/c++ (answer questions, send you old code of mine to study)
-Help with open source libs (like: Sdl, Clanlib, Gtk+, Crystalspace, Ogre3D, ODE, OpenAL)

What I can't offer:

-Help using Windows APIs, DirectX, proprietary libs
-Help with the configuration of a project or compiling on Windows (VisualStudio, DEV, whatever)

Btw. I think, that it is a good idea to learn in a team for it can increase motivation drastically (e.g. trough so called eustress) and that it is a pity, that the other workshop died down. So I hope, that other guys/girls participate and that everyone involved gets challenged.

Since I'm studying maths/physics, I don't have a lot of spare time, but I'll check now and then to see how the whole thing is coming up (at least once a week).

If no one else participates, don't become discouraged and keep learning anyway for you would miss a lot of fun. ;)

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Hi Marc,

I'd certainly be interested in forming some pseudo-"study group" as I'm at about the same place you are, or so it sounds. I downloaded a pdf version of


which I've seen recommended by many coders on the forums here. (You can probably find the pdf format at the author's website, www.bruceeckel.com)

What were your general ideas for structure? Does the book you have contain a lot of exercises for the student, or is there a previous lesson-plan somewhere on the forums that I haven't stumbled across yet? At any rate, count me in :)

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