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A game I have been coding for the past month with a friend of mine. I think its in a playable enough state to show off now. It's a generic space shooter. We only have one level right now and its a bit buggy. It is the first game I have ever made.

//INSTRUCTIONS WASD for movement, mouse for shooting, switch weapons with 1, 2, 3, and 4 //WEAPON TYPES MachineGun- press 1; The MachineGun is a simple weapon that fires a continuous burst of bullets, each doing 10 damage. Devestatingly effective ShotGun- press 2; The Shotgun fires a barrage of plasma rounds directley in front of the ship each doing 10 damage. Effective at short range and in only one direction. Devestatingly effective on bosses. Laser- press 3; The laser fires an instant hit particle beam at the cursor. Does 1 damage per millisecond. Good for taking out heavily armored enemies. Low fire rate and quite difficult to use Swarm Missiles- press 4; Fires up to 10 swarm missiles at a time that orbit the cursor. Each missile does 30 damage and explodes after 500 milliseconds. Excellent against the faster enemies and useful against groups. Not very effective against bosses. Fires two rounds per click. //ENEMY TYPES DUMBONE- The dumbone is the most basic enemy. It randomly shoots at the player and bounces off the sides of the screen. has 100 health. (CYAN) INTERCEPTOR- Interceptor comes from the top of the screen and attempts to follow the player at modest speeds. Not a very fearsome enemy, but it can be effective if the player is distracted. Has 90 health. (RED) SPACE SUPERIORITY FIGHTER- the SSF comes from the rear at high speeds and latches onto the player, firing constantly. It has low health but can be very deadly if the player doesn't react in time. (GREEN) GUNNER-The gunner prefers to sit behind the front lines and fire lasers at the player. It is slow, big, and has alot of health. It can destroy the player in a short amount of time if he does not keep moving. Has 1000 health. (PURPLE) //POWERUPS There are only two powerups, the HEALTHKIT and the MONEY pickups. HEALTHKIT adds 30 health to the player. MONEY adds 1000 points.

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