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Making round based game play different each round (proposal).

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I'm designing/coding a game mode for a multiplayer western themed modification based on HL2 engine and would like to know what do you think about it. Sorry for my English if you see some blatant mistake, I'll try to make my best, and thanks in advance for the feedback. Introduction: We have two teams fighting each other and players have infinite respawns. Map ends when a team wins several rounds. Teams win a round when they complete several objectives. Position, quantity and "value" of those objectives will vary in each round using random events managed by level designer. Completing those objectives is vital for player because that’s the way to improve its equipment. This game mode will require some team collaboration and will reward players that helps teammates, there will be team retribution as a whole, and finally some individual retributions too. I think this could be a trend in actual multiplayer FPS's. Instead making each round the same, let's add some random events to modify level flow slightly and force players to adapt the new situation Dissection: I’ll try to explain how this works. I must say I got a prototype in the making, but there is still time to go back, nothing is set in stone. Teams must accomplish this basic objective: get an amount of money. The first one who gets it will win the round. Money is around the map inside crates. There will be 3 types: a safe box, an elegant chest, and a rustic crate, each one clearly tells that its content’s value is different. Those crates are the main thing here, level designers will place them around the map and they’ll set some parameters to increase or decrease chances to show/hide a crate and change its type/value each round. Crates also can modify other crates’ state in this way: if x shows then force to hide y and z. There is also a third factor: regeneration, each crate regenerates its content once has been unloaded. There are 3 regeneration ratios, they are decided randomly inside the game without level designer input ATM. BTW, players will know when a crate is empty because it will be open. They also will know what’s the regeneration rate for each crate. Crates are open just pressing use button some time, so player will be exposed to attacks and that’s where team covering is necessary. There is also other important aspects of this game mode. Once a player gets the loot from a crate, that money won’t go directly to its team counter (total amount of money retrieved). There must pass some time between, during that critical time if player is killed money’ll go inside a sack that enemies or friends could take. If player gets more money during that time (from a crate or a sack), the time counter will be reseted. Finally, this is how our award system works, roughly. Player will receive a small reward if they open a crate successfully, or they are around a player that is opening a crate (covering). Once money pass to team counter, the entire team will be retributed. We are using something called “notoriety” to award player. They get it when doing something beneficial for its team. Notoriety is also given when killing enemy players, we use a particular system to calculate how much gives each kill. Killer and victim’s notoriety are accounted, and also weapon employed, this works as a compensation system. An high notoriety player gives lots of notoriety points when its killed by a much lower one with a worthless weapon, and the opposite, you get the idea… Well, that’s all, thanks for reading. This game mode should be working soon, it’ll part of Outlaws&Lawmen mod. http://wantedmod.planethalflife.gamespy.com/cantina/

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