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XBox 360 engines (Vision and Vicious and Torque, oh my!)

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has worked with and could recommend any engine for XBox 360 development. So far, the engines I've looked at are Torque Game Engine Advanced (aka Torque Shader Engine), Vicious Engine, and Vision Engine. Torque seems like it has the functionality more or less, but I have heard horror stories about their tool chain / exporters. Vicious Engine is extremely high-level, in fact the makers of the engine claim that you don't have to write a single line of code. You still end up writing code though, using a point and click scripting interface. It's kind of unconventional so I'm a bit uncertain about how easy or difficult it'd be to write a game with this engine. Finally, there's Vision Engine which seems like a pretty solid graphics engine but I haven't really investigated into it much yet. Here are the criteria I'm using for evaluating engines: * XBox 360 support (the game is going to be for XBox Live Arcade) * Ideally, other platform support too: PS3, Wii, PSP, etc. * Graphics features: shader support, HDR, shadows, lighting, etc. * Tools: particle effects, GUI editor, 3DSMax exporters, shaders * Generally easy to use and to integrate content efficiently * Scripting support: ideally the core of the game logic would be written in something high-level like Python (I don't like TorqueScript much so not even considering it) * Cross-platform networking support, could be used for peer-to-peer games Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Kuro

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