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Hey folx! Do you feel stressed? Do constant segfaults and pointer-issues drive you nuts? Relax with a 'Pingus'! (a lemmings clone). Because I was tired of choosing levels trough a plugin or by commandline, I wrote a cool, little GUI, that can start a normal game of 'Pingus', load a random level or load a static level rotation in 3 levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard). This robust little piece of code uses c/c++ and gtk+. It's nothing fancy or shiny, but stable. It's nothing exciting, but fast and small. So if you're a 'Pingus'-lover, like I am, and tired of not having the comfort of a small GUI running on the free space of your desktop with which you can start your favorite game just at the push of a button (even in different modi), search no longer, cause here: English Version German Version is what you're looking for! Download, extract and have a look at the README.txt for further instructions/tips. If you hate it and think it is a sloppy piece of code, not even worth mentioning in a forum like this one, please don't tell anybody. :P If you like it, let me know. Be nice and curious.

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