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[.net] [MDX] Memory leak on exit

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I'm getting the following memory leak when I exit my application.
Direct3D9: :====> ENTER: DLLMAIN(03d6e6e0): Process Detach 00000f74, tid=00000610
Direct3D9: (INFO) :MemFini!
Direct3D9: (WARN) :Memory still allocated!  Alloc count = 149
Direct3D9: (WARN) :Current Process (pid) = 00000f74
Razor.exe has triggered a breakpoint
Direct3D9: (WARN) :Memory Address: 003b5698 lAllocID=1 dwSize=000047f8, (pid=00000f74)
Direct3D9: (WARN) :  Stack Back Trace
I set "Break On AllocID" to 1 in the DX Debug properties and it's breaking on the line..
m_displayMode = Manager.Adapters[m_adapter].CurrentDisplayMode;
How could this be an allocation, and how can I deallocate the memory used by this line?

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