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[web] [asp.NET] dynamic controls help

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Okay I just asked a question about adding newlines between controls that I'm adding dynamically, but it turns out that I need more help than just putting newlines between them. Let me give you a better run-down of what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to load an xml file containing nodes with two child nodes, a title and some text. I want to make a list of linkbuttons to represent these nodes, and when you click the linkbutton it displays the text from that node. I have already tried a few ways of doing this, but all of them lead to some kind of an error. What I've figured so far: Each linkbutton needs to know what node it represents, so that when the OnClick event is called it can display the correct node. I tried making a class inheriting from the linkbutton class and adding an nodeID variable that it can use to index the array of nodes. Then in the OnClick method I cast the sender object to my new class, and use the nodeID variable. But when I do that it gives me an invalid cast exception. I'm sure theres an easy way to do this that I'm just not seeing. Sounds like it would be a pretty common necessity for sites such as forums, blogs etc. Well any help will be appreciated. Bender Edit: I think the functionality I'm looking for might be in the <asp:repeater> control. Looking into that now. [Edited by - glBender on April 19, 2007 9:24:31 PM]

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