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Advanced Raycaster Mathematics?

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Hello GameDev, great to be here. I read the tutorial Advanced Raycasting Tutorial and found some curiosities with the math. Now, I'm no math major, but I'm pretty confident in my math abilities. I went over the calulations on graph paper and could not for the life of me get them to work out. Now, this could have been something with me but just to be sure I tried to hack together a little raycasting loop. It was something to the effect of:
for(int xScanline = 0, float ray = heading - 45; xScanline < screen.width, ray < heading + 45; xScanline++, ray+=Increase90Fov)
   float raySlope = tan(ray * (PI / 180));
   float wallSlope = (wallY2 - wallY1) / (wallX2 - wallX1);
   float b1 = (PlayerX - wallX1) * wallSlope + (PlayerY - wallY1);
   float wallHitX = b1 / (raySlope - wallSlope);
   float wallHitY = wallY1 + (wallHitX - wallX1) * wallSlope;

   int xDiff = (playerX - wallHitX);
   int yDiff = (playerY - wallHitY);

   if(abs(xDiff) > abs(yDiff)) //Find the Closer of the Wall hits
     dist = x_diff / cos(ray); 
     dist = y_diff / sin(ray);

   if(dist == 0)
      dist = 1;
   float scaledDist = eyeDist / dist;

   correctIntersection(wallHitX, wallHitY, ray); //Did we hit in the correct quadrant?

   int colTop; //Where to start drawing the column slice
   int colBottom //Where to stop drawing the column slice

   if(colTop < 0)
      colTop = 0;

   if(colBottom > screenHeight)
      colBottom = screenHeight - 1;

   drawLine(screen, xScanline, cotTop, xScanline, cotBottom, colour, colour, colour);

Assuming we're simplifying things by just having one completely enclosed sector so we don't have to get all complex. I think that's a good general overview of the code. Any input would be appreciated, it is quite an interesting topic. ;) Thanks.

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