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Visibility Determination

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Indoor and outdoor scenes are going to need totally different culling systems. Indoor scenes can use portal systems to map out visible areas, and for outdoor scenes you may want to just make a sector system, where you are only rendering certain sectors at a time.

Basically it all comes down to what kind of data you want to represent to determine your best culling system.


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portal/sector-based rendering
does anyone know a doc/paper about automatical sector creation?
I know you can create it from a bsp, but this creates a lot of more sectors, and bsp-rendering should is faster then.


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I've been scouring the internet for all types of different ways of doing visibility determination and culling, various spatial-partitioning schemes, stuff like that. While I'm starting to figure out what makes them work, I'm still at a loss for one thing.

What kind of thing are they good at?

As in, what kind of algorithm is good for cave type games, or rooms, or big outdoor spaces? I'm especially interested in the big outdoor spaces. Anyone have any ideas to offer?

TIA, Jonathan

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