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Chad Seibert

Unity Framework development woes...

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Hello, Community For the last few months, I've been developing a general purpose application framework(api) that currently only does debugging with stack and memory management, as well as some base classes to support the framework. I intend to distribute this on my website, with the intention that people will find it useful. But, as I hear about more and more code advances, it make me feel as though my work is becoming more and more useless and will be rejected as useless and obsolete before it's even done. It seems as though that Microsoft will try to make sure that C++ in general will become obsolete. Coupled with the new "upgrade" of C++ (C++0x), more and more people won't find a use for such a framework, with it's intended goals addressing flaw's in C++ and easy cross-platform functionality. This is the ultimate reason why I finding it harder and harder to work on open source, either the fear of replacement, or the ability to parse other peoples work. Perhaps some inspiration or light to get my thinking on track[smile]! Sorry if this is a rant... Chad Seibert

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