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New composer sharing work, looking for work, etc.

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Hello everyone, I am a self taught guitar, bass, and drum player who started playing with MIDI tools about a year ago. Below, I have placed a link to my first fully symphonic orchestral piece. If you like my work, please let me know. I am attempting to make a career out of writing music for games and film. I don't know any musical theory or how to read or write music (I never studied music academically) I just do everything by ear. I drew this piece with the pencil/select/erase tools and the piano roll view in Sonar 5. If you want to hear some of my other work where I actually play the guitars, bass, and drums, please check my soundclick page. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any projects for me to work on. Remember, this classical piece is only my first ever in that genre. I plan on growing quite a bit as I become more comfortable with the tools and delve into more advanced compositions. Best regards, -Patrick Sean O'Neil PSO Orchestral Project One (320kbps MP3, 18.5MEG) If that link does not ask you to start the download, or if you want to hear some of my "heavier" work (NEMESIS-MONKEY or Electric Lifesign) please visit my soundclick page. Patrick Sean O'Neil, SoundClick page If anyone needs to contact me, please e-mail: [Edited by - PatrickSeanOneil on May 3, 2007 2:42:42 AM]

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