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Hexothermic - our first game

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Hi, Im a student on my placement year (I study games programming). Anyway, we started our own games studio, run by 9 students, and we are trying to focus on casual games. We have more or less finished our first game, its called Hexothermic. Basically its a puzzle game, where the objective is to start a chain reaction of atoms. Each atom in the game can have one of five states, represented by a colour (Purple then Blue then Green then Yellow and finally Red). Every time you click on an attom, its level increases. When an atom is Red, if you click on it, it will explode, sending particles off in a hexagonal shape. If any of the surrounding atoms are red, and are hit by one of the particles, they will also explode, and so on, creating a chain reaction. The more atoms you explode in a chain, the higher the bonus you recive, and the more clicks you will gain back. You start the game with 10 clicks. If you want to save your high score to our online leaderboard, you will need to sign up to become a member of our site (which is free). The game was written in XNA, which is a new platform Microsoft have developed. The XNA redist is included with the install, if you have any problems with it, you can get it directly from If you want you can download the beta from our site for free, and please feel free to leave some feedback. Cheers. Heres the link:

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