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Well, I got a question for all you x-file-loving people out there (if ou exist) :D I'm right now implementing animation with directx and x-files, and finaly, I got it working :). But now, my friends, comes the question in mind. My artist have gone berserk and made a model with two objects in it, not two subsets, but to objects. (Maybe it could be my fault because I throw out the greate ide to be able to switch between models in the same skeleton, so that we would be able to switch between armors and different objects on the model.) Well, the result now is that I only get one part of the model, and that part is the last one to be loaded in the program. I have no clue what or how to do to be able to convert my system so that it would be able to handle several objects from one x-file. Is there someone out there that has a tutorial stuffed away, or know directly how this is done, please let me know. :D

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