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Transform 2D shapes on a 3D plane

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I am trying to find a way to put a 2D shape (say, a circle) on an arbitrary 3D plane. I have the plane's distance D and normal vector N. Right now my solution is to choose a "base" vector B (for example (0,1,0)), calculate the cross product B x N = X, the angle between the vectors Alpha = arccos(B dot N), then create a quaternion from X and Alpha. Rotate all 2D points (treating them as 3D ones, for example x,y,0), move them to the point D * N, finished. Now, I think there is an easier way, but I cant find it. Any ideas? EDIT: Stupid me. There are other ways to describe a plane than using the ABCD form. Parametric representation solves my problem. :)

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