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Deck of 52 and multiplayer

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I have been looking for a simple card game, but it seems that no one has made it. It's simple in theroy, but i have know clue where to start. 1. A deck of 52 cards. 2. Playing field. 3. Dealer tells the computer to shuffle and how many cards to deal each player. 4. Each person has an icon and can view their cards. 5. No rules. Open play just as if you where around your own table. 6. Main thing the computer program would have to do is: a. shuffle and deal the set amount of cards. b. to keep track of how many sets a person has taken (Note anyone on the playing field could take the set, just who ever takes it would get log at how many sets they have collected). (No points) c. at end of play allow anyone of the players to view the sets that a person has. 7. That is about it. The deal card game that I would like to make is a free flowing no rules game. Trying to bring the feel of being around your own table, you make and play by your rules. 8. Multiplayer up to 4 players and chat enabled. Setup up as others connect to host's computer. Problem is I don't know where to start or what program to use. I have never program anything, but this is something that I really want to make. My family has always been big cards players, but since i moved away I don't get to play cards with my brothers and Dad. The problem with most online card games is you have to play by their rules. We like to play by our own family rules as we set them. Have yet to find a flexible Spades game. With all this said, this may have already been done, or someone play know of game Card game that is simular. Either way, thanks for any help! Zealot37

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