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mmorpg design document

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Im posting this kind of to a reply to an old forum. it was never really answered. mmorpg design documents can be easy and hard. I myself have a small, unfinished confidential one, and i have a long ways to go. if you have alot of ideas, it can be hard to get them into one document when you are new to designing a rpg or mmorpg. I advise all people who "want to make a mmo right now, quick and easy" (which isnt possible by the way, no matter which engine or "game dev tool" you use) to start by ready this thread. MMORPG Creation Info Once you've had the chance to read that, read these links from the forums. Ill post them below for easy access, and its probably better to actually read these in order.
Beginners Read
Beginners FAQ
So You Want To Make A MMORPG?
Going To Post Your Game Ideas?
Random Suggestions For Those About To Post
MMORPG Considerations
Eternal Lands Postmortem Part 1 Part2
Once you've read all that, and I really do mean it is IMPORTANT to understand, continue to your design document. There are some examples of different kind of games' design documents HERE
There is also a lost link to a somewhat unconventional design document for a MMORPG at this link HERE Make sure you read it all, I'm not playing here. You'll miss alot of important stuff if you just go straight to "CREATING A GAME!!!!" lol :) p.s. thanks to all the people in the older thread that is shut down for replies now, it does help alot. [Edited by - _Cyril_ on May 5, 2007 1:37:45 AM]

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So, does anyone have a link to an available design document for an MMORPG, because none of these links, even the ones that say that they are to an MMORPG Design Document, go to anything like that.

I'm not here to ask you questions regarding my projects. In fact, I don't even have any projects at the moment, but I'd rather enjoy seeing a real MMORPG Design Document, to see how things are written up and such.

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a design document is simply what it says, a design of the game. -_-
the last link goes over many ways all 3 games are designed to do things and is an example of how you could do a design document. there is no real "template".
there is no certain way to do a design document. as long as you have every bit of info for a game in a simple order, and explain in detail how everything works, you have a design document. i would follow the second to last link, as there is one rpg design document. all you would have to do is add things like networking, player relations and interactions, things like that, in the same format. but, like i said there is no real template. i will gladly post mine up when it is finished, but if you follow mine, as corny as it sounds, its not going to be yours, its going to be tailored to another, if that makes any sense to ya.

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