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Motion Blur, and Post-Processing?

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Hello folks, My latest pondering has been about "blurred" effects that get applied to certain modern games. Specifically I'm wondering how these effects are created. I've always assumed that it is a post-processing effect. After the frame buffer has been completely drawn( vertex and pixel shaders and rasterization all finished ), the pixels are moved around and averaged with one another to create the desired effect. Full screen anti-aliasing might just sample its neighboring pixels, whereas a "fish-eye" else effect might stretch the image towards the center before averaging. Is this correct? Do I have the pipeline wrong? In most games this seems to be pretty expensive, why is this so? Is it because it is extra work on top of all the normal processing? Is it usually done in software, or can it be done via assembly on the GPU? Are there any good tutorials out there on how to write these kinds of effects? Thanks as always, jujumbura

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