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Price Brackets

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Hi, I'm wanting to know a formula that I could use to drop the price of an item based on quantity, but to have the price start at a maximum price and not drop below a minimum price. Here are the variables I can imagine using: MinPrice eg $2.40 MaxPrice eg $0.90 MinQty, MaxQty, Qty eg 1 to 100 This is basically what I have: Price=(MaxPrice-(Qty*((MaxPrice-MinPrice)/(MaxQty-MinQty)))) It still drops below the minimum price though, and I could probably stop that with 'logic' (eg if), but I'm interested in what is best. Thanks for any help.

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Using your formula and values:

Price=0.9 which is the min price..

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Ok, I guess the answer I have is good enough.

Though I did improve it a bit cause I want it like so:

1 for $2.40 each
100 for $0.90 each

And this does it:



Thanks anyway.

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