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Pong 3d - graphix formats?

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Hello all I am new and I hope to find answers to my question here. I am designing a paddle for pong 3d and a table however I do not know if I need to set any attributes to these two things for the game to work, I also need to know how I need to save these models for them to be imported. I am a newbie of course and I have a very skilled programmer working along side of me however he hasn't ever done a game nor imported 3d models. Any help would be appreciated. :: Edit :: I am using maya 8 for the modeling. -Robert

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Im not sure what you mean by "attributes'.

All you need to do is create the model in Maya, and save it as a file.
Depending on the file type, either find a library to load the file
or build a codec/library yourself.

What file format are you using? (ie, file extension?) Then find a codec/loader
for it. is a great resource for file codecs.

Hope this helps;

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