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Exporter plugins

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Hello, I'm working on an abstraction framework for some of the major 3D editors like 3dsmax or Maya, providing a 'cross-editor' interface for basic features like getting and setting vertices, normals, texture coordinates, materials or assigning joints, etc... At the moment, I have an importer and exporter (own file format) based on it, and some other unfinished plugins (for test code, or just experiments). Since I would like to know what features others need in their {im,ex}porters, or what other types of plugins which I hadn't thought of might be useful to game developers, I'm posting this and asking for your opinions. Here's a list of what the framework supports right now: Editors: - 3dsmax - maya - ports to others like xsi, cinema4d or lightwave are planned Plugin types: - importer - exporter - commands (= utility in 3dsmax speak) Features: - mesh handling * creation * getting and setting of vertices and normals in local, parent or world space * getting normals and vertices at the mesh's bind pose * creation of texture coordinate sets and getting and setting of texture coordinates * assigning joints to vertices * getting and setting of vertex weights * getting of polygon indices and per polygon triangle indices * getting and setting of mesh's transform and parent * getting and setting mesh's name - joint handling * getting and setting transform and parent * getting of the world bind pose transform * getting and setting name - material handling * getting and setting the name - clip handling (= animation layers in 3dsmax speak) * retrieval of start and end time of an animation clip * getting and setting of the name Some notes: - Since I don't see no point for my other projects to try to convert the overly complex material data found in today's 3D editors, I just get the name and create the material in an own editor. - The clip handling is used to store the animations inside the editor's file format instead of setting "from" and "to" marks for animation on exporting the mesh. This, however is still experimental - it works, but I don't know if artists will be happy with it. Well, I would like hear from others what features they can't live without (like vertex colors). If you have some ideas for useful plugins other than exporters (e.g. completely automated unique texturing that just rocks :), please tell me about them. My main problem is, that I'm no gfx-guy, and so I don't really know what would be of real use. Thanks

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