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Commenting C++ Code

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I know with PHP code, thier is PHPDoc where if i use comments like the ones below, it will automatically generate documentation for the code:
* @desc This file displays a list of products
* @copyright Kaizen Digital 2006-2007, All Rights Reserved
* @author Oringal Ryan Zec 05-02-2007
* @author Last Editted Ryan Zec 05-04-2007
* @todo Add confirmation page after user completes registration process

Is there something similair for C++ code, basically something that will parse the source files and create documentation based on comments?

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There is no "standard" way of doing this. For instance, VC++ EE simply uses the comment it finds before the function to display when looking up a function call.

You may consider looking at the program doxygen. It seems to be relatively simple and powerful.. even if you don't provide a lot of comments within your code.

Hope that works for you

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