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Terrain with 3ds

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hello, So i am new to this site and im also new to programming with C#, but i am learning to design games in XNA but as you could have guessed i am having as much trouble learning this as i did learning to build web page cms systems, so here i am back on the forums asking stupid questions. Ive got 3ds max 9 and i have a exporter installed so that i can export my files as .x extensions (i heard thats the professional way to export files) with textures included. my question is that if i make a full sized map in 3ds of a room and set it all up how is it possible to then take it from the .x file and set collisions and what not so that i can actually make a character and interact with my created terrain? i know that thats a pretty large question, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance...

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