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Where should i start?

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Hello I am new to this site and I'm going to learn C++. I planned on developing DC games as a starting point but it recently hit me that i should really learn C++ first. it looks confusing but I'm sure after a while I will get used to it. what i want to ask though is after i create a code how might i use it; Is this the time i would need a compiler or only at the end and should use notepad? Also i wanted to ask if AI and physics is a completely different thing or are they involved with C++ as well as other languages?

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You should find some online learn to program tutorials.

I recommend using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET as both your text editor and compiler.

I'm not sure what's required for DC specifically, but check the internet to see if they have any SDK's for it. Starting with C++ is fine, just get yourself a good tutorial or book and work through it.

There's also a difference between engine code and game code. It'll be hard for you to create your own engine, so I recommend finding one to use then just focusing on the game code - you can handle AI and physics with C++ just use a good engine.

The only time there's going to be different languages within one game is:

1. one language for the engine, most commonly C++
2. a game scripting language for game code which can be a different language such as LUA, python, QuakeC (for example Quake 1 had their own scripting language that they made) or something else, it really depends what engine you use.

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