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E207WFP or E2007WFP

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I am having a problem deciding which monitor I want to purchase. Right now I have a 17" CRT, which was fine at first, but later the brightness got screwed up, and now my buttons don't work. I finally decided to get a new monitor, this time LCD. My friend recommended I get a monitor from Dell, since they make good monitors for their price. I did not want to spend too much money, so I decided to buy a 20" monitor. The E207WFP came to mind, because of its low price, and for its 5ms response time. When I told my friend this, he told me that was a bad choice, and that I should have gotten the E2007WFP for 100 dollars more. When I did my own research I came across this website: Monitor This site would have been helpful, except for the fact that whenever it has data, it highlights the wrong set of data. It highlights the E2007 instead of the E207. What I was trying to find out is which one is better? All I really want it for is for games and for coding. I am not going to use it for any photo/video editing.

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