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Multi-file help system

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I'm developing an IDE that includes a bunch of SDK code and I want to document both the IDE and the SDK. The SDK will be documented with XML documentation generated by Visual studio, compiled by NDoc. I'm manually writing the HTML documentation for the IDE in a separate HTML Help project. Is there a way to create links from the IDE's CHM file to the NDoc-generated CHM file? I tried "its:MySDKDoc.chm::/MyTopic.html" but when I click on that link, the HTML help system hangs in an infinite loop of clicking sounds. After doing a little research it seems that HTML Help 2 might be better designed for inter-file linking, but I'm nervous about switching technologies. I want to be sure that someone without Visual Studio will be able to read these help files (because the IDE I'm creating includes it's own ability to compile based on the .NET framework's compilers, so they won't need Visual Studio), and it sounds like HTML Help 2 is kind of targeted at Visual Studio. I could probably have NDoc generate its output as HTML instead of compiled HTML help and merge them manually into a single CHM file, but I'm looking for the simplest, smartest solution here. Any suggestions?

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