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Job interview/game design test

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So I've got a job interview coming up for a game design-related internship, and they said that part of the interview process will include a design test. What kind of questions can I expect for such a test, and how should I prepare for it? Any insights or past experiences with similar tests would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello Far,
Firstly, that's great that you have an interview.
Secondly, there is no standard test. So I have no idea what you will be asked.
But if I was going to give someone a game design test, I would ask:

- Name a game that you think shows great design, and describe what's so great about it.
- Name a game that you think shows bad design, and describe what's bad about it.
- Here's one of our games. Play it for a few minutes and design a better U.I. for it.
- Define the term "off topic." Now identify a bulletin board where it would not be off topic to post a question about a game design interview. (^_^)

Good luck

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There is no way to cram or find a 'right' answer to most interview questions.

Just relax and use your brain.

For questions of reason, you should actively talk about your thoughts and assumptions. One classic example is, "estimate how many gas stations would you need if you designed a city the size and population of LA." The actual number isn't important, I want to hear how you come up with your solution. I want to know if your reasoning skills are up to snuff.

For questions of fact, you either know it or you don't. Cramming might help you get an answer right in an interview, but often these questions just aren't asked. Generally if you don't know the answer, you can treat these as a question of reason and be okay.

In my experience on both sides of the interview table, you will find that most technical questions attempt to figure out the depth and breadth of your knowledge up to the point required by the job (and a little beyond). They may try to discover -- as an example -- if you understand that you shouldn't derive a class from one without a virtual destructor. Then press you to why that can be an issue.

For design, you might be asked what you would do differently for a given game element. Don't just say "it sucked", but say "it sucked because there are too many nibbits next to the farm. If they used about half the nibbits and added a few heffalumps and woozles it would have a better feel and variety." I just want to know that you can actually help make a solution.

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