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3D program on TI-83 Plus

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I recently came up with an idea to make a 3D program on the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator. It will utilize lists and trigonometric/polar functions to store and adjust the points, convert them into 2D, and then plot them on the screen. I will be putting the source code on here when I finish, so other users can alter the code and turn it into something cool (Geometry Wars, anyone?). The program has a lot of special functions, such as 6DoF on individual points, individual objects, and the worldspace itself. The only snag I'm running into right now is that I got my TI-83 taken by my teacher for programming during a lecture. (Hey, it was related to the topic of discussion!) Also, as soon as I get my calculator back, I will be posting my TI-83 algebraic program suite (entitled "The Show-Your-Work Suite") on here.

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