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Maxscript Texture Export Question

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I am wondering what is a good way of exporting textures in 3DS Max for a terrain engine. Say I have a terrain over which I have X textures applied all blended with different masks. Material Slot 1 is a Blend Material. The top material is also a blend, the bottom material is a single texture and then the mask. So I guess something like this BlendMaterial BlendMaterial StandardMaterial (Grass Texture, tiled) StandardMaterial (Rock Texture, tiled) Mask Noise(Tiled or not) StandardMaterial (Road texture) Mask Grayscale Alpha to carve out road (Not tiled) How would such a thing be exported for a terrain engine? I already know how to export the materials using MaxScript but how would the engine then use them. Is this something normally exported and interpreted by the engine or is the terrain engine made to certain criteria like? Thoughts? Thanks, Webby

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