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Several question regarding 3D Scorched Earth

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Olnex    122
Hi everyone, I am a university student, for my Graphics & Computation subject, I have to make a traditional scorched earth game in a 3D way, based on my previous assignment project - 3D terrain based on fractal plasma, now I got several questions, could anyone help me: 1. how to create and render objects such as the cannon, bananas or hearts using spline? Actually I don't know much about spline. 2. how to smoothly change perspectives from one player to another. I decide to rotate the landscape(any comments?) 3. how to implement parabolic motion of the thing you are throwing. 4. how to deform the terrains surface, when things you throw miss their target. Any comments, suggestions, or even a link to a related material is helpful. thanks in advance regards Olnex

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AndyEsser    394
I'm not an expert but I'll try my best.

1. If you use a program like 3ds Max or other modeller and then export the files in a way that you can load into your program (you'll have to write your own parser or find a library that loads Max files or similar)

2. Rotating is a good suggestion, although make sure that it is 'Time-Independant' so that the rotation is always at the same speed, rather than fluctuating with the framerate.

3. This is fairly easy, you know the equation for a parabolic curve (y=x^2), all you have to do is find a curve that suits you perfectly, and then update the 'objects' position each frame (remembering to do it in a 'Time-Independant' way such that the object always falls at the same speed.)

4. If you have all the Vertex information for your terrain stored within your program then you can just have it so that when you detect that the object misses and hits some terrain then it deforms the vertex (either by a fixed amount of an amount dependant on speed/velocity etc)

Hope this helps.

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