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Advice needed - XNA

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SuperWhiteArmy    122
Hi, i just recently downloaded Visual Studio C# Express Edition and have all the XNA stuff. I completed the first tutorial but when i came to run it i got this error: "Could not find a Direct3D device that has a Direct3D9-level driver and supports pixel shader 1.1 or greater." After a bit of research on the internet it seems my graphics card isn't good enough and i'm using a laptop so i don't think it can be upgraded. Therefore i'm going to buy a new laptop but would like to make sure the graphics card is sufficient. Would this laptop meet the requirements? The graphics card it includes is a 256MB nVidia Geforce Go 5100 Graphics. Thanks for your time.

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ViLiO    1326
The Go 5100 appears to be just like the 5200 only with a 64-bit memory interface, so should have full support for Shader Model 2.0. So yes, it should work fine for XNA Framework development.

Just a quick word of warning though that the 5200 itself (and probably more-so the 5100) is by no means a fast graphics card, so don't expect it to run anything moderately high-end at any acceptable framerate.

More details here (if you have a look at the GeForce FX Go Product Overview PDF it shows that they do have full Vertex and Pixel Shader 2.0+ support)


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