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Observer design pattern - Chaining subjects or subjects as observers?

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Ever looking for better ways to build things I have been looking into the observer (publisher/subscriber) design pattern. However, I have a particular need that may require an observer (publisher) to also be a subject (subscriber). Basically I want to know if it is considered good practice to allow a Subject -> (Observer/Subject) -> Subject architecture to pass notification messages down the line or if I should attempt redesigning my architecture so that a subject cannot be an observer. A semi-specific example is described below. 1. An SystemMonitor listens for events from a system (e.g., process start, timer, etc) 2. A DataReader subscribes to SystemMonitor and reads data only on specific events (e.g., timer reading from a device on a serial port). 3. A DataWriter subscribes to DataReader and writes data only when notified that DataReader has read data. There is 1-many relationship between SystemMonitor and DataReader (may have many sources to read from). And there is 1-many relationship between DataReader and DataWriter (may want to write data from one source to many different formats). Does this sound viable? Are there other patterns that I might want to look into that fit the bill better? Don't think it matters all that much but I am developing this in C++. So, in psuedo code, it might look something like this.
DataWriter dbWriter = new DbWriter(connectionString);
DataWriter txtWriter = new TextWriter("file.dat");

DataReader serialPortReader = new SerialPortReader("/dev/ttyS0");

SystemMonitor sysMonitor = new SystemMonitor();
sysMonitor.monitor(); // Enter permanent loop and dispatch notifications to observers.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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